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Technology Offered

At Biztech, technological innovation works hand in hand with rich experience, meticulously laid out processes, value-based philosophy and a highly skilled and committed work force. We have a very simple mandate - 'To help you transform IT into a business enabler.' Various technologies has helped Biztech to deliver world class IT / telecom solutions to its customers - ATM, Frame Relay, IP, TDM, DSL and Mobile – for which the center of excellence is resident in-house in Biztech. Thus for any technology related issue, be it integration, technology migration or choosing the best fit technology, Biztech personnel are highly qualified, trained and certified by some of the biggest names in the industry

Telecom Solutions

Telecommunication is one of the focus areas in this era of networking. Looking at the current market needs Biztech is working on some prestigious and intensive projects on Telecommunication.
Biztech is one of the key business partner of Cisco, LOOP, Dlink, DAX, Juniper, Sybase, Gofrugal and Gensys.
Some of the prestigious customers which Biztech Solution has served in setting up and integrating their Telecommunication network is Indian Army, Ministry of Home. Gas Authority of India Limited.

Core Switching

Extending the value of the existing network with the proven, carrier-class performance, reliability and scalability needed to deliver frame relay (FR), ATM and IP services over a single, unified multi-service backbone.
Biztech Solution multiservice core switching solutions meet these network performance and growth needs by offering a seamless migration from ATM to MPLS while supporting today's ATM, frame relay and business-quality IP services. And they help minimize capital and operational expenses by reducing network complexity and a simplified network management. Biztech Solution helps increase the value of the network with greater capacity, performance and reliability so you can deliver new, revenue-generating services such as secure virtual private networks (VPNs), managed security, and voice and video

Software Development

Biztech strength lies in understanding what a client requires from an information system, which guides our assessment and development of any technology. Every client has distinct business needs. Biztech caters to the development of a multitude of Business applications including;

Biztech specializes in developing customized software solutions as well. Whether designing or developing custom applications to streamline your business or fulfilling your every IT support need, Biztech will be here for you for all your technology needs. Following is a summary of steps describing the process of designing a customized solution : Concept Exploration And Feasibility Analysis

Problem Definitio

Describe the problem to be solved by the projected system.

System Justification

Justify a computerized solution to the problem, explaining why the product should be provided. Justify the need to build rather than buy a system.

User Characteristics

Profile the user population for the product. This profile might include the size of the potential user population (important for assessing feasibility), the skill level (important for user interface design), the importance of the problems the product will solve to the user population, and so on.

Features and Functions

Sketch the major features and functions of the projected system, explaining how they fit together to provide a useful product for the target user population

Describe the projected effects that the product and the development project will have on its user population, the user organization, the developers, and the development organization. For example, a goal for the system might be to cut the time spent on some task by users in half; a goal for the project might be to assess a new design method.

Constraints on System and Project

State the financial, environmental, and political constraints on the system and project. For example, the system might need to be priced under $100 to be competit