Our Creative team thinks out-of-box to provide the need of your clients and to meet your expectations. Our expertise has hands full of experience to launch your website within your budget and with your timeline.

Biztech provides solutions ranging from carrier class (core switching), to setting up of complete network and access, providing content, to managing service level agreements.

Application Development and Maintenance

Biztech, we have organized our skill sets and experience across industries and technology into the Biztech Competency Centers. Each of these centers has grown in response to the evolving needs of the market, under the aegis of the Biztech Architects Community (BAC).

The Competency Centers are the storehouse of knowledge and experience synthesized from application developers, think tanks, analysts and our organizational learning. Here, we work to tailor solutions to meet the complex, multilevel needs of our clients. The information built from the communities is fed back to our clients via either the Biztech Architects Community or the Biztech Interactive Knowledge Exchange (BIKE). The most tangible benefit to our clients is a reduced project-cycle time which essentially means a shorter time-to-market.

In an organization known for its domain skills, the Business Analysis Group is the primary repository of this domain knowledge. The practice is focused on maximizing the business value of IT for our customers. Our philosophy - The end solution should make business sense, as business should drive technology and not vice versa.

Our solutions are implemented with quality processes that adhere to SEI-CMM Level 5 and ISO 9001 standards so as to enable our clients to enhance the quality of their products and services.


The exploding complexity of distributed computing has created an urgent need for more effective systems management, cost control and support services that meet both the business and technology requirements of your organization and employees. Meeting this challenge requires new capabilities, standards, skills, processes and tools.

Help reducing total cost through best practices systems management Increasing end-user productivity and satisfaction by reducing the existence of disparate networks

Allowing your IT resources to focus on core business objectives Meeting business needs with customized solutions

Today, business functions are virtually inseparable from the information technology (IT) that supports them. A business infrastructure should provide a security-rich, agile, available and recoverable environment that can handle planned and unplanned events.

Biztech Infrastructure Services are designed to help meet your needs by planning for future needs and optimizing your existing IT investments

Web Applications and Branding

Our Creative team thinks out-of-box to provide the need of your clients and to meet your expectations. Our expertise has hands full of experience to launch your website within your budget and with your timeline. We work on Web Designing, Drupal Development, Mobile/Iphone UI and development and mobile compatible websites.

  • Customized Applications
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Realty & Logistic Web applications
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Mobile UI
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Newsletter Applications
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Mobile Compatible website
  • iPhone Application Development

Biztech caters its service in Industries like Banking, e-Government, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer goods, Telecom, Entertainment and Transport & Logistics.

Information Security

Securing Your Business While You Grow

IT security has become a high priority issue today as organizations realize the extent to which their operations can be compromised

through improper usage of their own information systems. Our e-Security practice offers a range of consulting and service offerings to secure your systems from such infringements.

The global information technology industry is rapidly moving towards the development of open, modular systems. A good deal of effort is being invested to make these systems interoperable and easy to access and use.

But the explosive growth of open systems has contributed to a situation wherein huge amounts of critical data are exchanged over a medium that has minimal protection.

A little carelessness, a small loophole is all it takes to compromise the security of your system. A break-in by an undesirable source can cause irreparable damage to your business.

The main thrust of our consulting practice is to advice clients on issues concerning security policy design, application security, information security, operating system security, and network security.

Our e-Security consultants are aided in this task by Biztech's product and R&D divisions.

Mobility Applications

Biztech Mobile Solutions,is a fast-growth mobile application development company. We offer a unique expertise in Mobile Application with our experiences in various platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm web OS, Windows Phone, J2ME, Nokia and technologies like J2ME, Bada, Titanium & QT.

  • Technology Services
  • Application Development and maintenance
  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Blackberry App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • Legacy systems to modern mobile platforms
  • Re-engineering of mobile applications, performance optimization
  • Development of complex client-server solutions working with mobile terminals and other types of portable devices
  • Integration of mobile applications into existing enterprise IT infrastructures
  • Provision of consulting services in the mobile technologies field
  • Outsource mobile application development
  • Offshore mobile software development
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile Web Development