Maxpro-OSH –A unique platform for operational par-excellence on occupational safety and health management systems.

Maxpro-OSH was designed to eliminate and curb work environmental hazards in advance, we incorporated real time reporting platforms. Maxpro-OSH meets sustainability requirements, and as before we are sure to be show starters on Safety management system in accordance for large scale Manufacturing Industries to Small & medium size Industries, built with future advanced intelligent platforms for Occupational Safety and health, in addition, our specifications define requirements for the environmental safety compatibility of our technology deliveries. Maxpro-OSH Specifications on Manufacturing best practices adopts Workforce, Materials, Machinery and procurement safe standards.

In today’s day and age most businesses & industries are facing fundamental challenges on safety and health. Digitalization of Occupational Safety and Health is the main force driving this transformation. A buzz word for this change is “Human Safer Industries. The term describes a safer environment connection of physical and digital processes in the industrial revolution. The intelligent connection of man and machine along the entire value chain is an important phase for Maxpro-OSH. Discover more about how we at Maxpro-OSH have prepared for this future challenge well in advance.

At Maxpro-OSH, from the very beginning, we work to bring the right technologies for the full spectrum of businesses & Industries, Occupational Safety and Health IT systems, this takes more than innovation. It takes ingenuity. And it’s exactly what we deliver through Maxpro-OSH’s Intelligent Suit.

Our Value proposition

  • Easily create and share observations within a minute
  • Use our bespoke Mobility feature for full circle end to end reporting and observation across the board
  • Works whether you are online or offline
  • Add photos, videos, files for evidence
  • Create case files to manage incoming observations
  • Categorize based on location, group or type of Hazard
  • Add your own configurable metrics for easy reporting
  • Clear and real-time intelligent reporting
  • Easy and simple usability
  • Convert observations into actionable items using
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Analyze findings and trends using real-time data
  • Live Reporting - Keep your workforce up-to-date all-the-time
  • Saves time - Reminders and alerts, record inspections on any device
  • Cloud-based – A plug in play application built with light frame work
  • Get Maxpro-OSH on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, Works anywhere.